Handicaps for the Tee Chosen

Base Course handicaps depend on the tee one uses.

 There will be a list at the check-in table as well as on the Pairings page with your handicap for the tees you are playing that day.

This handicap is to be used when choosing your MAX strokes for posting purposes.  

The score put on the scorecard is what you actually shot or, if you pick up, your ESC score with an X next to the score.

Please read carefully the notice at the top of the PAIRINGS PAGE.

Handicap ranges for Maximum strokes for scoring purposes:

0-9 = double bogey, 10-19 = 7, 20-29 = 8, 30-39 = 9, 40 & above = 10

Next Playday March 5

Check in by 12 noon, shotgun 12:30 pm

2 best nets.  $61 with trail fee, $64 without

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